Water Line Maintenance

AVILLA – The Water Department will be flushing the fire hydrants throughout town beginning on July 5th. Each hydrant will be opened to verify that they flow properly in the event that they are needed to fight a fire, as well as to flush out minerals and rust, which collect in the pipes.

This process is now performed once a year, due to upgrades in the water system.  Prior to the upgrades, the hydrants were flushed three times a year. The crews start by flushing the hydrants closest to the Water Department and progress outwardly until they reach the hydrants at the ends of the system.

Roads will not be blocked off during this process. There are approximately 165 hydrants. Some of the hydrants have recently been replaced and others date back to the 1940’s and 1950’s.

It is possible that you may experience a small amount of rusty water. Should this happen, run your faucet until the rusty water passes. Please be patient, as the flushing process will take three to four weeks to complete.