Avilla Residential Burning And Bonfires: What You Need To Know

AVILLA – Avilla’s burning regulations will help you to enjoy a bonfire and dispose of unwanted paper.
Private residential burning is allowed but does not include apartments, mobile home parks, condominiums or any other dwelling with four or less dwelling units.

Residential burning is allowed only between the hours of one hour after dawn through one hour before dusk, in an approved container that is at least 12 feet from an existing structure. The container also must have a grate or a wire mesh on the top while burning. Only paper and paper products are allowed to be burned.

Bonfires and campfires are considered recreational and are allowed under the conditions that the fire never exceeds 36 inches in diameter and clean materials such as wood, paper, charcoal or petroleum products are used.

Additionally, fires are not to be started more than two hours before your bonfire (or other activity) takes place and shall remain supervised at all times and a working water hose or other means to extinguish must be at hand. Fires need to be promptly extinguished when your event is over.

Take note that leaf burning is prohibited within city limits.