Booms Rock Noble County

AVILLA –  We’ve been feeling and hearing rumbles and loud noises over the past couple of months and so have our readers, who have asked us what the noise is and where it’s coming from.  We’ve been talking with local law enforcement and have found an answer.  According to the Indiana State Police Bomb Squad, the explosions and rumblings that you’ve heard and felt in Noble County over the last few months are more than likely due to Tannerite, also known as “Kaboom”, which is an exploding target.

Tannerite is a legal explosive that is available over the counter and by mail-order, throughout the U.S. The intent of the explosive is to make a “boom” noise, however, people are misusing it and not following the manufacturer’s directions, with the intent to make a louder noise or destroy things. Once Tannerite is ignited by being shot by a rifle, similar to setting fire to a firecracker with a match, there will be an explosion, creating a loud boom and a dust cloud. There will be no fire or flash.

You may hear the boom of the explosion louder or further away, due to the clouds. The sound of the “boom” carries more on an overcast day, because the sound reverbs, due to low cloud cover.

There are no restrictions to use the Tannerite product or others like it in Indiana. However, it is to be mixed and used the same day due, to ATF restrictions.

When you hear this boom or feel the effects of the explosion, react the same as you do when you hear fireworks. If you know of someone misusing Tannerite or not following the manufacturer’s instructions, report it to local authorities right away.