Kautex partners with Avilla Fire Department

AVILLA – Many businesses provide safety training for their employees. Training on how to properly use a fire extinguisher is usually part of that training. The cost of the training is commonly based on the number of people being trained. For a larger business like Kautex, those costs can really add up fast. They found that they were spending approximately $8200 per year on fire extinguisher training alone. The training was conducted by an outside-business because, at that time, the Avilla Fire Department did not have the equipment to conduct the training and was unable to help. With a little research and corporate approval, Kautex purchased the equipment needed for the training and donated it to the Avilla Fire Department. The cost of the equipment was approximately $8500.

The equipment donated is a BullEx ITS (Intelligent Training System), which utilizes propane for a live fire and special air pressurized water type fire extinguishers.  This training is very realistic because the trainee not only sees a real fire and feels its heat, but also experiences the weight, squeeze force, and pressure surge of the fire extinguisher.  The system allows you to select class A, B, or C fires at four different difficulty levels to challenge trainees.  It can sense if the user has aimed at the base of the fire and is properly sweeping the nozzle of the extinguisher.  The system has a visual display which shows the time of each successful training session, allowing the performance of trainees to be tracked each year.

Dave Cross, Kautex Director of Operations, sees this as a benefit to Kautex not only for safety but as a way for them to reach out to our community. This is not Kautex’s first donation of equipment to the Avilla Fire Department. In the past, they have donated things such as CPR mannequins which enabled the Fire Department to offer CPR training through the American Heart Association. Chad Geiger, Assistant Fire Chief, said that it is great to partner with businesses in the community. Donations such as this not only save the donor money but also enables the Avilla Fire Department to offer more services to other business and individuals in the community. They are already putting the BullEx ITS equipment to use, as they have Fire Fighter 1 (FF1) training scheduled for 21 people.

To contact the Avilla Fire Department about this or any other training call the Fire Station at 897-3295.