Laws That Took Affect On July 1st

INDIANAPOLIS – The following laws in the state of Indiana went into effect on Sunday, July 1, 2018:

Eyeball tattooing is now banned.

You may mark your private property and prohibit trespassing by marking with vertical purple paint lines on trees or posts.

Intramural and school coaches are now required to complete a certified education class that teaches the prevention of and how to respond to heat-related medical issues.

Students now have two ways to opt out of sex ed classes. Schools are now mandated to send a notice home to parents, which will allow an opt-out to the class. Additionally, schools are required to give a summary of the nature and content of instruction.

Students are now allowed to bring sunscreen to school without needing a doctor’s prescription and without needing to lock the sunscreen up in a secure location at the school.

A one-cent gas excise tax was implemented, which will occur every year through 2024.

People born in Indiana before January 1, 1994, can now ask the Indiana State Department of Health for access to their birth records. The only way that the information for consent cannot be released is if the birth parent signed a form to prohibit that information from being shared.

Notaries can now charge up to $10 for each signature plus travel expenses if incurred.

Headlights, taillights and signal lamps must be a certain color on vehicles –¬†Read more here.