Hometown News Notice

7 February 2019

Avilla Post Office

All Post Office Box customers
Avilla, Indiana 46710
Re: Using the PO Box number on mail

For those who use the PO Box number, THANK YOU!! Your efforts are appreciated!!

In the past several months, we have noticed that a larger and larger amount of mail
Coming for the PO Boxes has only the street address listed. This is an
Incorrect way to have the mail addressed. The PO Box is the actual mailing address.
The street address is the residential address, NOT the mailing address.

When mail comes in with the residential address only, we are put into a bad situation
Here In the office. Postal regulations direct us to return the mail as having:
“NO MAIL RECEPTICAL.” However, we have been trying to be understanding by
Looking up the address and matching it to the PO Box. This is very time consuming
And costly for the Postal Service.

The problem is, we are now getting so many bad addresses that we are unable to keep-up With the address matching. We have neither the time nor the man-power to continue this practice. We are now left with no other option than to start returning the mail. This is not Something I want to do, it is something that I now HAVE to do. We simply cannot continue The current actions that we have been taking.

We understand that there are times when shippers demand a street address because they can’t Ship to a PO Box. For those times, use the duel addressing example below:

John B Doe
123 Sharp Street
Box 357
Avilla, IN 46710
Sally S Doe
123 Sharp St, Box 357
Avilla, IN 46710

As you can see from these examples, both the street name and the PO Box numbm Have been listed. This way, if the USPS delivers the mail, we have the PO Box number. Additionally, if one of our competitors delivers the parcel, they will have the street address. This system is the best of both worlds.

The change will take effect on April 1, 2019. We will start returning the mail on April 1, 2019. This gives everyone 7 weeks to contact family, Banks, Doctors, VA, friends, magazines, credit cards, clubs or anyone else who sends you mail. Another think to look at is your letterhead. Does it have the incorrect address? Remember, ANYTHING that shows your Address needs to be correct. Do you have business cards or corporate fliers for advertising, Correct these also. Look at your mail on a daily bases. Who has a bad address? Contact them!

Please, help us to help you! We want to give your mail to you just as much you want to get your mail. We must work together to get this accomplished in the most efficient way.

Please understand, I have no desire to disrupt anyone’s mail. We must, however, use a more Efficient method than we have been.

If there are any questions, please feel free to come in and see me!

Darrell Shepherd
Postmaster, Avilla