Shell Casing Hometown News
Examples of what a shell casing looks like.

FREMONT – At approximately 8 a.m. on Thursday, March 14, a bus driver found a shell casing for a .22 caliber on a bus.

An investigation by the high school administration, vocational school staff and Fremont Police Department was conducted and the situation was deemed not to be a security threat.

“We were able, through some good work, to figure out who could have been on the bus,” The school took every precaution and started to implement our safety protocol. No one was in possession of a weapon.

Dr. Stitt was pleased with the prompt response from school faculty and local authorities once the items were identified.

“Our response was exactly how you would expect and hope for. Dr. Stitt said that the incident affects the school community. “It is obviously something really disturbing to the school community,” Stitt said. “We want our school to be a secure and safe place.”