Noble County Miracle Tree
Photo Courtesy of Noble County Miracle Tree.

ALBION – Helping families in need to receive a blessing during an emergency or at Christmastime, Noble County Miracle Tree is looking for a permanent building to call home.

Noble County Miracle Tree (NCMT) is a 501(c)3 volunteer organization that was founded in August 1987, assisting low-income children and families. Terrie Beckley started the program for her Daisy Girl Scout Troop, wanting to teach them that they could make a difference in their community. 

One of the first children that NCMT helped was a little girl who was born premature and only weighed two pounds. Each year, Noble County Miracle Tree’s dedicated volunteers and donors help on average, 700 children in the county, doing so successfully without a dedicated space to call its home. 

With the desire to remain in the Albion area and to expand the organization, to best help those needing their services, NCMT needs a permanent facility. Approximately 75 percent of their recipients living in the West Noble School District, approximately 25 percent are in the Central Noble School District. They have very few in the East Noble School District, partially because Avilla Christmas Charities which covers those in the Avilla and Laotto areas and Kendallville Cares covers those inside the city limits.

Currently, NCMT is raising funds to purchase a building on the courthouse square in Albion. An anonymous long-term donor has offered to buy the building for $65,000 as long as NCMT can commit to paying back $6,500 a year for the next ten years; in essence, providing them a no interest loan.  Their goal is to raise funds and donation commitments to meet the $65,000 needed by the end of June of this year. 

The organization has received some donations and some year-over-year donation commitments from local businesses and organizations, however, more is needed to reach their goal. They have also received a few year-over-year donation commitments from businesses in Whitley County.

If you would like to support their cause, check out their Facebook page, @NCMiracleTree.