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KENDALLVILLE – Police Chief Rob Wiley spoke at the August 6 Common Council meeting in response to postings he had seen on social media over the past two or three weeks about the safety of Kendallville with respect to some accidental shootings and armed robberies.  He provided some statistics of occurrences since the beginning of 2019. 

There have been 17 batteries (1/588 citizens), none of which were random but from individuals arguing.  There were 10 domestic batteries (1/1000 citizens), and 4 disorderly conduct (1/2500 citizens).  Since November of last year, there have been 3 shootings; one was a criminal act and the other two were accidental.  He stated that the two accidental shootings were not a reflection on the safety of Kendallville, but an argument for mandatory training for handgun owners so they handle the guns more safely.  There were also two armed robberies.  These were the result of two individuals who were responsible for 15 to 20 armed robberies in several counties but got caught in Kendallville by the Kendallville Police.

Chief Wiley understands the strong reactions people have when these incidents mentioned in the postings occur but they are not a reflection on the city itself or the safety of the citizens.  He provided these statistics to show a balance to the comments on social media about Kendallville and the safety for its citizens.