Avilla 2019 Groundbreaking Hometown News
Josh Molen (Eshelman Excavating), Trevor Molen (Eshelman Excavating), Matt Young (LCI Construction), Josh Rosenogle (LCI Construction), Jeff McLaughlin (McLaughlin Services), Ryan McLaughlin (McLaughlin Services), Bill Ley (Town Manager), Damon Butler (McLaughlin Services), Rita Grocock (Clerk-Treasurer), Ben Tackett (McLaughlin Services), Phil Pucket (Town Council), Paul Shepherd (Town Council).

AVILLA – A groundbreaking event was held Tuesday in the northwest corner of the east industrial park.  McLaughlin & Sons Real Estate, LLC purchased the eight-acre corner lot earlier this year and have been working with Leatherman Construction to develop the property. They will be building a 47,000 square foot building with a high ceiling and plan to relocate their existing business at 333 Progress Way (2.5 acres, 17,500 square foot facility) into the new facility.  The construction will begin by mid-September with a tentative move-in of March/April 2020.  This will enable them to grow and take on new business. 

McLaughlin Services LLC is currently looking to fill positions and plan to add 15 to 30 over the next three to five years.  These positions will be electrical and mechanical engineers as well as welders and fabricators.

McLaughlin Services LLC began its business in 2007.  They initially provided service for industrial furnaces and then grew into manufacturing heat-treating furnaces.  They currently provide services and products worldwide with their home base in Avilla.  They are limited in the size of equipment they can manufacture due to the size of the existing facility and cannot bid on larger projects.

Pregroundbreaking Avilla 2019 Hometown News

This is the first property to be purchased in the new industrial park.  Lot sizes have not been predetermined but will be sized based on purchaser’s needs.  The industrial park is within the town limits of Avilla and the water and sewer will be provided by the Town Of Avilla.  The Town has installed a water main sufficient to feed the entire industrial park and sewer will be installed as lots are purchased.  If you are interested in purchasing a lot in the new industrial park, contact Bill Ley at the Town Hall at 260-897-2781.