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ALBION – The design work for the Hazel and Hickory Streets project was in process by Fleis & Vandenbrink (F&V).  There has been a breakdown of communication and the design is incomplete and the F&V engineer and the Town of Albion (Public Works Committee) could not come to an agreement as to the percent of completion of the design nor what items were part of the original specification and what were additional items. 

The issues were raised to upper management at F&V by the Public Works Committee and a supplemental agreement was agreed upon and signed by F&V management.  The supplemental agreement was presented to the Town Council at their September 24 meeting and unanimously approved.  The supplemental agreement specifies that the full contract price of $130,660.00 will be paid as well as $7,516.00 in additional items; which is significantly lower than the approximate $43,000 additional costs previously proposed by the F&V lead engineer on the project. 

The final payment to F&V will be in the amount of $27,901.50.  The town will receive the digital files of all the design work, complete and incomplete, for this project; as well as files for other recent projects.  The portions of this project which are not complete are East Hazel and Hickory Street.  These have been put out for bid in order to complete the project.