Advertising Opportunities

  • Classified Ads (free options)
  • Display Ads:  Assorted sizes of ad space is available, depending on your needs and can include images, to help get your audience’s attention.
  • Inserts
  • Press Releases (free)
  • Website Ads:  Advertising on our website is easy and can be linked to your website so that you can be instantly connected to interested customers.  Website ads are on “live” for 30 days, per order.

Direct mail is 80 to 90% more often opened than email* and is a proven effective way to get the word out about your news and updates in a timely manner, to those who are interested.  Our print publication currently is going to 2500 residents and businesses in and around Avilla, Indiana.

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Our deadline varies, depending upon the season.  We often work 2-3 weeks before the next month arrives to edit, print and distribute our publication.  With the option of advertising digitally as well, we’ve got you covered!

When you submit information to us, no matter what kind of promotion or information that it is – written and/or in imagery, the accuracy, ownership and the authenticity of the information is your responsibility.


*Small Business Trends, January 2017