Deliver your flyers or coupons to the businesses and homes of Avilla quickly and effectively.

Print off your flyers or coupons and we’ll mail them out as an insert in our next publication and we’ll share it on social media.

  • 2,000 flyers or coupons will cover our current mailing base.
  • Flyers or coupons should be no bigger than 8-1/2 x 11 inches and no smaller than 4 x 6 inches.
  • Flyers or coupons should not weigh more than 1 oz.
  • Flyers or coupons over 6 x 10 inches will need to be folded, as our publications are folded.
  • Deadline for us to receive the flyers or coupons is a week before delivery.  These deadlines vary from month to month, so we will confirm this with you upon receipt of your order.

1,000 inserts = $80
2,000 inserts = $160

Family-friendly content only.
Examples of non-family-friendly content:  pornography, profanity, gambling, violence, nudity, promotion of alcoholism and/or drug use.

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When you submit information to us, no matter what kind of promotion or information that it is – written and/or in imagery, the accuracy, ownership and the authenticity of the information is your responsibility.